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Parc Solar

The proposed Parc Solar Traffwll development will have an export capacity of circa ~50MW of electricity. This is enough clean energy to power approximately 12,250 homes per year and offset approximately 14,500 tonnes of CO2 each year, the equivalent of taking over 5,500 cars off the road.

As the development progresses, planning and environmental documents will be uploaded to this webpage when they become available.

Project Update – July 2020

Please find below an update, this update was emailed to local residents whom have asked to be kept updated, if you would like to be included on this list, please use the “Contact Us” section below.

Dear Resident

I am writing to you in order to update you on the progress that we are continuing to make on developing our planning application for Parc Solar Traffwll.

When Mike came out to meet with you some time ago he indicated that he would share information with you regarding what work we are doing on site. We are keen to stand by our word and uphold our commitment to the local community.

On Tuesday 14th July we will begin a three-week geophys campaign which scans the ground and enables us to see what buried archaeology lays beneath the surface so we can design the scheme around this and avoid it. This will be carried out by one surveyor working on his own and will continue for a duration of approximately 3 weeks.

In working on his own, our surveyor will be able to continue to observe the social distancing measures which continue to be in place following the outbreak of COVID 19 and so we have taken this decision to proceed with the work necessary to inform a planning application.

If you have any concerns or comments to make please contact us on our freephone number 0800 047 2614, Monday-Friday 9am-5pm or use the “Contact Us” section below.

Project Update – May 2020

In the last update, it was noted that Low Carbon would be undertaking further survey work throughout early 2020 and undertaking further community consultation around May 2020.

Recent events in the form of COVID-19 (coronavirus) have, understandably, risen to the top of peoples’ thoughts and priorities. We recognise that this necessitates some changes to how the development process is undertaken. We are continuing to follow the prevailing guidelines issued by the Welsh Government on Social Distancing. Whilst we and our consultant teams are continuing to work from home, there are certain tasks which cannot be undertaken from a desk and the guidance acknowledges that sometimes people need to travel for their work. Our consultants that need to travel to complete survey work are taking a number of practical measures to reduce contact with others.
If you have any concerns about any of the activities going on, rather than approach a consultant directly, please do not hesitate to contact us via the “Contact Us” section below to discuss it further.

We will continue to follow any prevailing Welsh Government guidance with regards to undertaking consultation and submitting planning applications. Notwithstanding this, it is our intention to offer additional opportunities to engage, through a variety of media, outside of the formal process. We would be interested to hear from the community with any suggestions as to how you would like to continue to hear from us.

Indicative Timeline for the planning application of Parc Solar Traffwll

Stage 1:
Pre-Application Notification

Low Carbon has prepared the Notice of Development; however, this is now on hold following instructions from the Planning Inspectorate Wales.

Stage 2:

Late Summer/Early Autumn 2020

Stage 3:

Autumn 2020

Stage 4:

Late Winter

Project Update – July 2019

In July we received the formal scoping direction from the Planning Inspectorate. This document sets out the scope of assessments necessary to accompany the planning application for the proposal. As part of the scoping direction the RSPB and National Resource Wales advised that choughs (amongst other species) have used some of the proposed plots for winter foraging over recent years. Given the sensitives of these species Low Carbon has decided to remove plots 8, 9 and 1 from the scheme. Low Carbon will continue to survey these plots over the winter period to ensure completeness of the data. The current extent of the proposed site can be seen below.

Now that the extent of the proposal site has been largely confirmed, Low Carbon, over the coming months will be undertaking additional surveys in accordance with the requirements of the scoping direction to complete their full understanding of the baseline conditions. Such new surveys include noise monitoring, glint and glare, agricultural land quality and traffic. These surveys are in addition to the landscape and visual, ecology, surface water drainage and heritage assessments already undertaken. It is envisaged these surveys will run to the beginning of April 2020.

Once the survey and assessment works are completed Low Carbon will be looking to undertake public consultation on a draft of the planning application. This consultation exercise will coincide with several public exhibitions on the proposals. This is expected to be around May 2020. Further details will be published in due course.

The proposed development

It is proposed to construct and operate a ~50MW (export capacity) solar farm and power storage units (batteries) over seven separate parcels of land; south-west of the village Brygwran and in the vicinity of the village Llanfihangel yn Nhowyn.

The proposal will comprise the following:

  • Photovoltaic (PV) panels;
  • Power storage units (batteries)
  • Mounting frames - matt finished small section metal structure;
  • Scheme of landscaping and biodiversity enhancement;
  • Inverters and transformers (inverters will be housed in prefabricated containers) and associated cabling (largely below ground);
  • 33kV Distribution Network Operator (DNO) substation, DNO meter point, customer substation and system
  • On-site substations to allow connection to the Local Distribution Network;
  • Deer fencing, sympathetic to the area, and infra-red CCTV (CCTV cameras would operate using motion sensors and would be positioned inward only to ensure privacy to neighbouring land and property);
  • Temporary set down areas;
  • Internal service roads; and
  • Site Access for the construction and operational phases.

Note that not all land within the identified areas is intended to be used for the deployment of solar panels. It is envisaged that some areas will be kept ‘panel free’ so they can be used to create/manage habitats for local wildlife. The location and extent of these habitat areas are still being considered and further details will be provided in due course.

Whilst the facility will have an export capacity of ~50MW, i.e. the amount of power that is supplied to the local grid, the generating capacity of the solar farm will be up to a maximum of 75MW. The higher generating capacity allows for redundancy during low light levels (winter and evenings).

The batteries will provide instant electricity to the grid when demand is required when the solar farm is not generating power such as at night time. The batteries can only provide power for a limited period. They will be charged during periods of low electrical demand from the distribution network or from the facility when the distribution network is constrained.

The proposed point of connection is located at the existing DNO substation to the south of Caergeiliog on the eastern side of Cymyran Road. The solar deployment areas will be connected to the substation by cabling over third party land or in the highway. All solar deployment areas included within the scheme will utilise the same grid connection.

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